Mexico 2016

Mexico 2016

We are always looking for different experiences when we head to Manzanillo, Mexico.  During Jan. , Feb. and March of 20 16, we had a few firsts that I wanted to share.

First of all, we had several people come and stay with us and near to us.  Friends and family joined us for a total of 4 weeks and more family rented a condo a stone’s throw down the beach from us for a month so we had a lot of good fun.

We made a day trip to see the most active volcano in all of Mexico and this time it was at its very best.  It erupted every hour with an echoing bang!   We waited around and witnessed and heard it three times.



This was absolutely amazing and  an experience which many of the people in Manzanillo  have not experienced and one which I certainly will never forget.




The other experience which was new for us was attending a local rodeo.  It was held in Santiago in an old style arena.    unnamed-4


The only way I can describe the evening  is that it encompassed both the old and the new which ended up being a cross between an old style bull riding event and a modern rock concert.    The 12 man  rock band, with its eardrum breaking volume accompanied the bull riders as the bull attempted to remove the encumbrance from his back.

img_3675We had many laughs and all six of us attending  decided that we would attend again.