I was born in 1939, the eighth child in a family of nine, in a rural area not far from the small town of Hafford, Saskatchewan. Since my mother refused to go to the local hospital, my father acted as midwife when I was born and he did an impeccably neat job of tying off the umbilical cord.

Growing up in a large family where I was almost the youngest, simply meant you more or less had to look after and fend for yourself. However, my older brothers did look out for me at school and came to my rescue more than once on the playground. When I was 12 years old, we moved into the town of Radisson where I attended high school and graduated from Grade 12 in 1957. Teacher’s College and University came along next in my life and I did manage to obtain a B.ED and a B.A from the University of Saskatchewan in the 1960‘s. Following a move to Calgary, Alberta in 1966, I spent the next 32 years teaching. It was always a challenge to capture the interest of children between the ages of 13 to 15 years, so I think I became a good storyteller during those years.

I am now a retired Humanities school teacher from Western Canada, now living in the beautiful province of British Columbia in the North Okanangan region.

Living where I do, my summers include boating,IMG_2735 water skiing,IMG_0541 fishingIMG_2311, removing trees, putting up firewood, IMG_0600gardening and chasing the bears away from my grape vines. In the winter, I shovel snow, build things in my IMG_1019workshop, shovel snow, carry wood, shovel snow, read, shovel snow, write. shovel snow, but often my wife and I travel to various places to get away from the snow. I like to write when away from my home or when traveling as there are too many chores to do and too many distractions when I am at home.

I love to travel to places which are steeped in history. This gives me the opportunity to learn more about the places I go to. I have especially enjoyed my trips across Canada, to Europe, to the Mediterranean area, to Russia and to Turkey. There are still many places I would like to see and explore.

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