Hello and welcome to my website/Blog. I’m so glad that you are visiting here today. I am really quite a social person as I do love to chat with anyone who stops by my home or with anyone I happen to meet on the street.

Now that I have the status of being retired, I make my home at Mabel Lake just 40 km east of Enderby in the province of beautiful British Columbia. IMG_3205-1I share my home with my wife, Barbea, of 50 years.Together, we garden, work at our landscaping, make wine, undertake building projects, read, write and are consumed with a whole myriad of other activities around our home and our active little community. Our property backs onto the forestry so one might say that we ‘live in the bush’, often having wildlife visitors such as deer, black bear, moose, coyotes, cougar, etc.wandering into our back yard.

In addition to caring for our home in which we live, our 17 acre piece of rental property, also at Mabel Lake, which we rent out to tourists on a weekly basis during the summer months, keeps us busy. Stoney Road 012 Anyone interested in holidaying at Mabel Lake should check out our property at Vacation Rental By Owner (http://www.VRBO.com. The search number for the property is 115145.)

I hope that you will take some time to explore my site. Please check Publications, My Travels which I am presently working on, my Blog, News and don’t forget the Contact. Any feedback that you can give me will be much appreciated. Thank you for dropping by and please come again.


22 thoughts on “Home

  1. I came across you at writing 101 🙂 How wonderful to live where you do! I live downunder where the biggest wild visitors are possums, though I grew up somewhere very different. I’ve always loved the look of Canada and its big wild places! Is the banner picture yours?

    • The banner picture is the view from our deck in winter. Thank you for having a look at my website/blog. I’ve had a peek at yours and see that you are familiar and comfortable with blogging. You are miles ahead of me. I’ll be watching for your posts.

  2. How ye doin Harry? This is another fellow blogger from down under also following your invite. Nice look to your site. We’re growing rocket and roses and coriander and coriopses as well as nasturiums. What is growing in your garden now?

    • I have recently planted the vegetable garden and it is just breaking through the soil.
      My Golden Chain Tree is now in full bloom and a wonderful glory of bright yellow. The perennials are doing okay but right now my bearded iris are in bloom. I have some beautiful purple, pink and bright yellow that are simply gorgeous.
      I love this season.

  3. Sorry to see that you are not coming out west. You are missing out on the prairies, the Rocky Mountains and beautiful British Columbia. Perhaps on your next trip?

  4. Beautiful pics. I lived in Minnesota for many years but never made it to Canada. I moved a few years ago to Texas but still have Canada on my travel plans. Maybe we’ll check out your vacation rental when we do make it up there. It’s absolutely beautiful.

    • Thank you for visiting my site. It really is a work in progress, changing frequently as I am still in the learning process.
      Canada is a good place to visit. Hope that one day you will make it. I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

  5. You and your wife sound as if you are living the right live, the ideal life! It makes me happy to read about your gardening, landscaping and being at peace with the land and the wildlife all around you. How absolutely idyllic it sounds! Peace and power to you and to your wife, Barbea!
    (And your rental place sound fantastic — I will mention it to my family, and perhaps, next year or in the years to come, we shall make it down to your part of the world!)

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