My Review of Boogie House by T. Blake Braddy

My Review of Boogie House by T. Blake Braddy

I received a copy of Boogie House from the author T. Blake Braddy through Goodreads, in exchange for an objective review. Thank you to both Goodreads and the author for enabling that to happen.

In thinking back after reading through the murder mystery Boogie House, the images that immediately emerge include southern blacks, blues music, ghosts and spirits, drug and alcohol addictions, supernatural occurrences, dreams and secrets. Boogie House is a well chosen title as it is indeed the inner core strength for this entertaining thriller novel.

The main character Rolson McKane is not an easy character to like – in fact, at the end of the book, I still did not really like him. He is an ex-cop with an alcoholic addiction who is facing a DUI charge. He is constantly drinking and often functioning through an alcoholic haze. The author gives little glimpses into Rolson’s character sporadically throughout the story which, in my opinion, is very well crafted.

Many of the minor characters are typical of small town residents but the author has created them to be interesting, unique and consistent.

The story hovers between reality and dreams. In reality, Emmitt Laveau is found dead in Boogie House and Rolson McKane takes it upon himself to solve the mystery of Emmitt’s death. The events that lead Rolson along on his task are filled with alcohol induced dreams, superstitions, the supernatural, small town politics, small town secrets, interesting characters, the return of Vanessa, corruption and murder which provide the story with many interesting twists and unexpected occurrences.

The dialogue in the story is very well constructed making the story easy to read while being exceptionally illustrative; hence, no need for long descriptive paragraphs. A great accomplishment.

This story will appeal to those who look for the thrillers and /or the murder mysteries. It is well written and a most enjoyable read.

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